The nymph

The most beautiful nymph in the History:
You refuse to put the tunes of the national anthem of the teacher.

You are hard sweet flower and hateful to your former teacher

As you are so nervous nymph and unbearable writer.

But your leaves love tree cover the Universe with sweet torture.

I am the only knight of this world and First Napoleon Bonaparte

I win bedrooms battles and I conquered your strong heart.

Your inner world needs me now before tonight.

And years with me will pass like seconds in golden love boat.

Hot love is so dangerous and pay attention that time flies.

You apologized in an indirect way and I am king of patience.

Sooner or later,I will be your sweet half and fresh happiness.

And we will take shower together in our own far love islands
Please do not waste your time and take your decion.

Our two sad hearts are so thirsty to live in Happiness Ocean.

Your life with me will change into joy, running, laugh and fun.

And the most enjoyable thing is my French kisses under the rain.

You are the actress who knows when and where true love can live.

Tell me when can I meet you and your family? Please, be brave.

I make you queen of emotions and your secret garden I will shave.

And to the golden cage of marriage you will move.

And your eyes are the only treasure I had, I have and I will have.
You are more beautiful than the girls of Egypt and Kiev.

You are my gift from God and the most beautiful nymph.

Your smile made the sun disappear in a poor old cave.

Your attractive white feet change the sand into Sapphire that

our governments in the International Bank save.

Your white delicious fingers are made from honey and tart.

All your white amazing soft body is from the best fruit.

I am your dream before the earth birth my sweetheart.
Written by Abdellatif Ahmed Fouad
December 29,2018