Her body is not near.

Khulood the arteries of beauty:
Khulood, you were near me in Baltime Summer resort by the sea
You had to tell me and my heart, soul where you were.

I have a dignity and I am a very great lion and a farmer.

You love me and I love you before the birth of Universe.

You travel in the arteries of beauty and my eyes.

You are the most fantastic and beautiful Queen in the worlds.
You must deal with me as a great king.

Who builds your glory and for you, every night on mountains I sing.

Our love story will be famous like Luther King.
Khulood, I prevent myself from meeting you on Al Amal Shore
I went to another Conference and my spirit was with you there.

I send you million angels to guard you and tell me about your care
I think I meet billions poetesses and girls every day.

Bu I didn't see any one as my eyes are created to see you only.

You are the sweetest and youngest princess of beauty.
My very biggest and endless love Khulood.

You are more beautiful than the girls of England.

You are cleverer than the Queens and the ministers of Switzerland.

You are the princess of beautiful Arts in the worlds.

And you are created from the international fruits.

Your lips are created from the most fantastic red strawberries.

Your hands are made from the American butter.

Your attractive legs are produced for me and I am your lover.

You are more important than the air.

Your kiss is more delicious than the water of the Thames River.

You will marry me and live by the sea sides of the Nile River
And I will the source of your smile and happiness forever.
Written by Abdellatif Ahmed Fouad.
November 2, 2018